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Uniform of The Company Security Staff

We in Al-Saif Armed Company for Security and Protection have our own distinctive concern in the used equipment’s. And since we are licensed as armed Inc. with clothing and general appearance, as the uniform has been chosen with care and precision.
No doubt that the overall appearance is the first thing that draws attention and is a global characteristic called the first impression. And the supervisors have the full knowledge about the importance of general appearance.
We are fully aware that the emergence of our employees in a decent image represents a good impression to the masters’ clients about our company in front of visitors and honored clients.
We provide the security staff with a decent formal uniform which is represented by high-quality fabric, a decent color and elegant tailoring. On the other hand, the company affords all costs.
Uniforms are prepared as follows:
Uniform Color Uniform Color
Trousers Dark Gray Cap Dark Gray
Necktie Black Shirt Light Gray
Belt Black A Sign on the shoulder Dark Gray
A Sign for company’s logo Dark Blue . .
Employment Form
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